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About Us

About All Solar Power Clean

All Solar Power Clean are height and solar panel experts in Brisbane, QLD. We use tested safety practices and approved cleaning techniques to remove the risk of accidents or damage whilst significantly increasing the efficiency of your solar power system. We allow our customers to enjoy the full financial and ecological benefits of their solar panel investment.

Our trained and experienced staff ensure our clients maximise their Solar Panel investment with our professional and comprehensive cleaning service.

From Dirty to Clean

Solar panels need to be cleaned regularly in order to remove harmful debris that will prevent sunlight from reaching the solar cells. Dirty solar panels produce less electricity compared to clean ones. When you invest in quality solar panels, you want to ensure that you’re getting as much power as you possibly can! Trust All Solar Power Clean’s team to get your solar panels cleaned; we will remove any pollution, traffic dust, bird droppings, leaves and other dirt that may have found their way onto your solar panels. 
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